Kolb Studio - 1 hr    

Named for the Kolb brothers who gained fame as early photographers of the west. This Victorian era house built in the early 1900’s by Emery & Ellsworth Kolb hangs on the rim at the head of the Bright Angel Trail. The experience is like a step back in time by 100 years! The exhibit is open year-round.



Shoshone Point Hike - 2.5 hrs    

Amazing viewpoint where you see the river in the Inner Gorge and the San Francisco peaks 60 miles to the east. Drive to the small parking area between milepost 244-245 on Desert View Drive (State Route 64). The viewpoint is about a 15 minute walk from the parking lot (just walk past the locked gate). Bathrooms, picnic tables.


Hermit Road Drive - 3 hrs round trip

This 7 mile drive from Grand Canyon Village to Hermits Rest viewpoint has dazzling views. From Mar 1 – Nov 1 the drive is closed to cars but available to all by free shuttle bus which makes multiple stops where you can get off and explore. The 1.1 mile hike from Hermits to Pima Point is majestic. 



Cedar Ridge Hike* - 4 hrs

The South Kaibab Trail goes from Yaki Point (7,260 ft) to the Colorado River in a steep descent. Cedar Ridge (6,120 ft) is a turnaround point on that trail 1.5 miles down. Zig and zag down the trail to Ooh Aah Point and other majestic vistas. Yaki is accessible by the canyon shuttle. (strenuous hike)



Trail of Time Hike - 1.5 hr

Starting at the Verkamp Visitor Center, this 1.5 mile trail has exhibits that span 1.5 billion years in geologic time. Interesting for visitors of all ages to gain an understanding of the history of the canyon and enjoy spectacular views from the canyon’s edge.



Sunset on the Rim - 2 hrs

Sunset on the Rim is a Bucket List experience!  Hopi Point and Mohave Point are on the Hermit’s Rest road (shuttle Mar-Nov). Yaki Point is on the East Rim Drive and is available only by shuttle or bike. Lipan and Moran are accessible by car year round. Bring your camera!



Santa Maria Spring Hike* - 3.5 hrs

The trail head is a half mile west of Hermits Rest, the 2.5 mile route to Santa Maria Spring descends steeply for 1,640 feet into Hermit Creek Gorge. Switchbacks, fossilized animal tracks, amazing views, this is a rugged hike for adventurous experienced hikers and worth the effort. Take plenty of water. 



Desert View Drive - 4 hrs

From Mather Point area to the Desert Watchtower is a 25 mile drive that alternately weaves through the Kaibab National Forest and clings to the canyon rim. Lots of viewpoints on the way to the 70 foot tall Watchtower with observation deck designed by Mary Colter. Drive, stop, walk, picnic…enjoy!



Yavapai Point Museum & Viewpoint - 1 hr

The museum with sweeping glass windows clings to the canyon rim a short walk or bike on the paved Greenway Trail  from the Mather Point Visitor Center. The focus of the museum is geology, the views are one-of-a-kind. Car parking is available.



Grand Canyon Visitor Center - 1 hr

Located at Mather Point - Exhibits include interactive trip planners, The Canyon World movie in the new Science On a Sphere Theater®, and a large 3-D relief map with videos featuring a variety of canyon experiences.




Bright Angel Bicycles - 2-4 hrs 

Bike on the forested greenways or the shuttle route which gives you access to a restricted area of the park where cars are prohibited. High quality bikes for rent with all the safety equipment and maps required and guided tours are also available. Located by the park Visitor Center. Phone: 928-638-3055



Indian Gardens Hike*   2-9 hrs

This is a hike that allows visitors to experience going below the rim. The Bright Angel Trailhead starts at the Bright Angel Lodge elevation 6.850 ft. The mules trips use this trail so you have to step to the side when they pass. There are turn around points, restrooms, and water on this trail, but always carry your own water when hiking in the canyon. Remember that going up can take twice as long as the route down. Distance to the first turn around is 1.5 miles and Indian Gardens is 4.5 miles.





 *  Detailed hiking information is available from the National Park Service